This is by far the most DELIGHTFUL miniseries I have ever watched.

    It’s utterly beautiful. I highly reccomend it to anyone.

    It’s a story about an aristocratic family in London and their household (their helpers). The story takes place during the 1930’s and it basically how the events during those times affected the family. If you love history, you will fall in love with this series. (There are so many references to the royal family- if you watched the king’s speech I pretty sure you’ll understand/pick up on all of them, there’s a reference to Jane eyre, you’ll also see some of the Hitler movement during this series)

    I’d have to admit, I could be a little bit of a history fan. But even if you are not, I’m sure you’ll love the series too. The story line is very appealing.

    Also, it’s a pretty fast paced series. It’s only 3 episdoes. This is probably the only drawback of this series. That there is just so much going on in such a short amount of allotted time, you’ll wish it was longer.

    btw. just as a side note, the series was broadcasted on pbs. It’s one of BBC’s Masterpiece Classics. It’s really amazing, you should really watch it HERE. For some reason the quality is not really the best (you’ll just have to watch it in small screen)- if anything I’m sure you will be able to find it on download. 

    GIVE IT A TRY! It won’t hurt! :D (check it out quick, the link expires May 24th!)

    p.s. Make it or Break It fans, although I doubt there are many, the guy who plays Sasha Belov is in this series. you should watch it! :P

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